ABB's MIDAS Library technology enables remote fixes in automated mines

Swiss power and automation technology group ABB has unveiled a new technology that is designed to help engineers easily resolve electrical problems in mines right from their control room.


The new technology called the System 800xA mining integrated distribution automation system (MIDAS) Library, features an enhanced substation control and monitoring platform that provides the team with real-time analytics, including graphical status, interlocks and measurement and phasor diagrams.


The library is integrated with ABB's System 800xA, which monitors and controls various automated industrial processes.


The operator can monitor and gain access to the entire electrical infrastructure of the mine from a single workstation and a single software package, the company said in a statement.


Technicians not only receive information about the latest condition of their electrical systems but can also correct them remotely, reducing the time taken to rectify issues and ensuring safety by preventing the team from entering the mine.


The team can find the root cause of the problem and fix it immediately, without disrupting work at the mine or reducing operational costs.


The company said in a statement: "The MIDAS Library also makes it simple for engineers to deal with intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) for protection and control of the electrical system.


"A right-click of the mouse brings up a full suite of technical information, including manuals, information on the device's parameters and its role in the wider system.


"And as the IEDs can be connected to the automation system by Ethernet, one team can control substations in many different and distant locations."


The system is compliant with the International Electrotechnical Commission's 61850 standard and can be used by any of the technologically advanced mines across the world, the company added.

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