Zijin helps Xiamen in its new chapter of International Gold Industry

The signing ceremony of Cross-strait Gold and Jewelry Industrial Park project was held in Xiamen recently. As one of the leading companies of this project, Zijin Mining, together with Jinzhou Cihang Group, and Xiamen Haicang Investment Group, will carry forward the project’s development.

Mr. Lin Wensheng, Member of Standing Committee of Municipal Committee of Xiamen, pointed out that the signing of Gold and Jewelry Industrial Park represented a new chapter for gold and jewelry industry in Xiamen.

‘Zijin, as the largest gold miner and a leading non-ferrous metals company in China, has maintained top position in gold production in china for many consecutive years’, he said, ‘Zijin’s corporate culture, taking innovation as core competitiveness, happens to coincide with Xiamen city’s positioning. I sincerely expect this industrial park could work well with the Belt and Road initiative, and promote the development of China’s gold industry.’

The production capacity of refined gold in Gold and Jewelry Industrial Park is 100 tonnes annually, and the production value will be equal to 27 billion yuan. This project will generate huge effect of aggregation in commerce and trade.

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