Goldrich Mining Company is pleased to provide shareholders with the 2017 estimated production forecast, as provided by our joint-venture partner NyacAU, LLC and also announce a 122-hole sonic drill program at its Chandalar placer mine in Alaska.

The Chandalar mine is owned by Goldrich NyacAU Placer, LLC , a joint venture between Goldrich and NyacAU, to mine the various placer deposits that occur throughout Goldrich’s 23,000-acre Chandalar gold project in Alaska. NyacAU acts as project manager.

2017 Production Forecast

GNP forecasts total 2017 production will be approximately 14,100 ounces of fine gold at a cost of approximately US$700 per ounce. This compares to actual production of 3,857 and 8,227 ounces of fine gold in 2015 and 2016, respectively, and a 2016 cost of approximately US$960 per ounce. Final numbers for the 2017 forecast and the 2016 costs may change as Goldrich and NyacAU are currently in discussions concerning certain accounting items.

The 2017 forecast assumes 120 days of plant operation, 19 hours a day, with a processing rate of 308 bank cubic yards (“bcy”) per hour. In 2016 the plant operated approximately 15 hours a day at a processing rate of 183 bcy per hour.

GNP is making modifications to the plant to increase efficiency and plans to complete upgrades by the end of May. Total plant capacity after modifications is expected to increase approximately 119% to 400 bcy per hour.

Drill Program

Beginning in June, GNP plans to conduct a 122-hole sonic drill program. Drill hole footage is expected to total 7,700 feet with an average hole depth of 63 feet. The drill plan is designed to further define mineralized placer material between Line 8.6 to Line 12 as well as test for potential mineralized material from Lines 13 to 17.5. Each Line is approximately 500 feet apart and drill lines will be spaced roughly 250 feet apart.

Goldrich previously completed a reverse circulation drill program that delineated approximately 10.5 million cubic yards of mineralized material at an average grade of 0.025 ounces (0.78 grams) gold per cubic yard containing an estimated 250,000 ounces of gold(1). In 2016 GNP surveyed the area beyond Line 11 and received a permit to mine Lines 11 to 18 in addition to permits already received to mine from Line 1 to Line 11. GNP work indicates the gold mineralization extends further along strike beyond Line 11 for grades at least at the mineralized grades potentially increasing the contained gold.

(1) This mineralized material is not a mineral reserve as defined in SEC Industry Guide 7.

Comstock Mining Inc announced , that along with its subsidiary, Comstock Industrial LLC, it received the Nevada Certified Site accreditation from the NNNDA on its strategically situated, 98-acre industrial property in Silver Springs, Nevada, in immediate proximity of the super-routed USA Parkway and Highway 50 intersection.

The site is located in the direct vicinity of the expanding Tahoe Reno Industrial (“TRI”) Center, the Silver Springs Airport and the USA Parkway—which enables the most efficient throughways to Fallon, Yerington, Carson City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles, and beyond. This site is only the second site to achieve this Northern Nevada certification and is the first certified in Lyon County.

The Nevada Certified Site Program is designed to provide critical decision-making information to business owners, developers and site selectors to allow informed, expedited decisions. The Nevada Certified Site designation serves as a pre-qualification for buyers, indicating that a property’s title is clear, appropriately zoned, possesses sufficient utilities, adequate transportation access and other critical infrastructure for industrial and commercial uses. It also includes a confirmation that a positive, Phase One environmental assessment has been completed, among many other criteria. The designation ensures that a company’s expansion plans will not be held back by costly delays in permitting and approvals.

NNDA also cited several positive factors for locating a business in Nevada
Nevada consistently ranks as one of the top ten states to do business based on taxation & regulation, workforce quality, and living environment;

Northern Nevada’s centralized location can reach 11 western states within one to two transport days;

Nevada’s favorable tax structure does not have a Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Inventory Tax, Unitary Tax, Estate Tax, Gift Tax, Franchise Tax, Inheritance Tax or Special Intangible Tax; and Nevada has one of the lowest costs to incorporate in the U.S.

“The commercial and industrial real estate market in the Sierra Region is growing dramatically,” said NNDA Executive Director Robert Hooper. “Industrial vacancy rates are down and, in many cases, current buildings are not meeting the market’s needs. Building a new facility to meet the specialized needs of today’s market is ideal but can take too long to get through the due diligence and approval processes. The Nevada Certified Site program solves the problem and helps buyers, sellers and developers accelerate their economic goals by doing and certifying the heavy administrative work up front.”

To become certified, the owners of a property must prove that their land meets 35 different requirements and benchmarks designed to speed up the due diligence period most buyers go through. The program is designed to support businesses that are looking to construct their own building, but don’t have the time to wait while all of the preliminary assessments are done on the property.

Corrado De Gasperis, President & CEO of Comstock Mining Inc. said, “We are pleased to receive this advantageous site certification from NNDA. The NNDA process was incredibly thorough and collaborative, especially working with Lyon County officials and local utilities. The certification required us to meet more than 30 different prerequisites and benchmarks, all designed to expedite the development process most buyers go through. Essentially, this site is ‘shovel ready’, saving everyone time and money.”

The 98-acre Comstock Industrial site in Silver Springs, Nevada, is also located adjacent to the Silver Springs Airport, multiple, expansive parcels of commercial and industrial properties and immediately within the municipal water and sewer service area, serviceable by electrical power, natural gas, and communications. The Company also owns over 256 acre-feet of the most senior water rights in the basin. NNDA has uploaded the certified site information packet at this link:

The property is ideally situated with excellent logistics in immediate proximity to where USA Parkway (State Route 439) connects with US 50 from Interstate 80, through the TRI Center, also known as the largest industrial park in the world. The Company plans to sell certain, non-mining related lands, buildings and water rights, including the Certified Site, for expected net cash proceeds of more than $14 million during the next 12 to 18 months. The Nevada Department of Transportation has an animated flythrough of USA Parkway (SR 439) that can be viewed at this link:


About Comstock Mining Inc.

Comstock Mining Inc. is a Nevada-based, gold and silver mining company with extensive, contiguous property in the Comstock District and is an emerging leader in sustainable, responsible mining. The Company began acquiring properties in the Comstock District in 2003. Since then, the Company has consolidated a significant portion of the Comstock District, amassed the single largest known repository of historical and current geological data on the Comstock region, secured permits, built an infrastructure and commenced production in 2012. The Company continues evaluating and acquiring properties inside and outside the district expanding its footprint and exploring all of our existing and prospective opportunities for further exploration, development and mining. The near term goal of our business plan is to maximize intrinsic stockholder value realized, per share, by continuing to acquire mineralized and potentially mineralized properties, exploring, developing and validating qualified resources and reserves (proven and probable) that enable the commercial development of our operations through extended, long-lived mine plans that are economically feasible and socially responsible.

Corrado De Gasperis
President & CEO
Tel (775) 847-4755
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Zach Spencer
Investor Relations
Tel (775) 847-5272 ext. 151
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Graphite One Resources Inc. notes that its Graphite Creek development project located near Nome, Alaska was included among the infrastructure projects introduced into testimony to the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, at its March 30, 2017 hearing, entitled "The potential for infrastructure improvements to create jobs and reduce the cost of living through all-of-the-above energy and mineral production in Alaska."

In written testimony to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources oversight hearing, Alaska's State Geologist, Steve Masterman, listed the Graphite Creek Project among the state's "significant potential development and infrastructure projects." Mr. Masterman noted:

"The Graphite Creek Project Located on the Seward Peninsula, approximately 50 miles from Nome, this is the largest graphite deposit in the United States and could supply the nation's graphite needs for decades. Natural graphite is a "Supply Critical Mineral", and currently there is no domestic production. Infrastructure needed for the project is anticipated to include a 16-mile, all-season access road and a power generating facility. In addition, the project is exploring opportunities to locate their graphite reprocessing facility in Alaska, which, with infrastructure and financing support, would be an additional boost for local employment and economics."

Joy Baker, Port of Nome director, testified that her agency includes the Graphite One project among its infrastructure priorities:

"The world-class Graphite Creek prospect near Nome has attracted significant interest and it has been characterized as the largest and highest grade large flake graphite deposit in the U.S. Its development is very close and the Port of Nome will play a key role in both in supporting its development, and exporting the raw material for refining in Alaska or in the Lower 48."

"We are pleased to see Alaska state officials include our project in their infrastructure plans as outlined to the U.S. Senate," said Anthony Huston, CEO of Graphite One. "Graphite Creek has the potential to provide a secure U.S. source of a material critical to high-tech, green-tech and national security applications."

The Senate hearing and written testimony can be found at:

GRAPHITE ONE RESOURCES INC. continues to develop its Graphite One Project (the "Project"), whereby the Company could potentially become the dominant American producer of high grade Coated Spherical Graphite ("CSG") that is integrated with a domestic graphite resource. The Project is proposed as a vertically integrated enterprise to mine, process and manufacture high grade CSG primarily for the lithium-ion electric vehicle battery market. As set forth in the Company's Preliminary Economic Assessment, potential graphite mineralization mined from the Company's Graphite Creek Property, is expected to be processed into concentrate at a graphite processing plant. The proposed processing plant would be located on the Graphite Creek Property situated on the Seward Peninsula about 60 kilometers north of Nome, Alaska. CSG and other value-added graphite products, would likely be manufactured from the concentrate at the Company's proposed graphite product manufacturing facility, the location of which is the subject of further study and analysis. The Company intends to make a production decision on the Project once a feasibility study is completed.

Anthony Huston
CEO, President & Director
(604) 697-2862
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Investor Relations Contact
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Metalloinvest, a leading global iron ore and HBI producer and supplier, and one of the regional producers of high-quality steel, is continuing to implement its investment programme to develop its mining and transport operations at Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK.

In March 2017, two new BelAZ vehicles with a lifting capacity of 220 and 130 tonnes respectively, as well as a new locomotive with a set of dump cars, were delivered. Three more heavy-duty dump trucks will arrive in the near future. In addition this equipment, two excavators, two drilling machines, one additional locomotive and 57 dump cars will be delivered by the end of the year.

Andrey Ugarov, First Deputy CEO, COO, Management Company Metalloinvest, commented: "By using modern, high-performance mining and transport machinery, we aim to increase production efficiency at what is a key site for our mining enterprises. Operating dump trucks with increased lifting capacity and excavators with high-capacity buckets, as well as our system for the cyclical and continuous transportation of iron ore, enables us to reduce our cost of production."

The electric train, a locomotive with twelve carriages recently acquired for Mikhailovsky GOK, has already begun to transport ore-bearing rock from the open pit to the enterprise’s crushing and sorting complex. The BelAZ vehicles are intended to transport ore-bearing rock to the open-pit mines at Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK. The new machinery stands out for its high performance and the quality of its nodes and mechanisms, which guarantee its stable and safe operation.

Metalloinvest continuously upgrades the equipment and machinery of its mining enterprises. Over the course of the investment programme to upgrade mining and transport equipment for Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK in 2014-2016, the Company acquired almost 300 basic machinery units, including: 15 locomotives and 232 dump cars, 11 heavy-duty dump trucks, 11 excavators and five drilling machines. The Company purchased two more excavators and a heavy-duty vehicle for the enterprises as part of rental agreements.


GOLDCORP INC. announced that it has entered into an agreement with Barrick Gold Corporation to leverage potential synergies within the Maricunga Gold Belt, located in the Atacama Region in northern Chile, through a 50/50 joint venture.

The Transaction is being effected through a number of steps, including:

The acqusition by Goldcorp of Kinross Gold Corporation's  25% interest in Cerro Casale and 100% interest in the Quebrada Seca exploration project for (i) an initial cash payment of $260 million, (ii) the granting of a 1.25% royalty interest by Goldcorp on 25% of gross revenues from payable metal from Cerro Casale and Quebrada Seca, with Kinross foregoing the first $10 million payable, (iii) a contingent payment of $40 million payable after a construction decision at Cerro Casale, and (iv) the assumption of a $20 million obligation to Barrick payable on commercial production at Cerro Casale;

The acquisition by Goldcorp of an additional 25% interest in Cerro Casale from Barrick for (i) a deferred payment obligation of $260 million to be satisfied through the funding of 100% of Cerro Casale expenditures (as described below), (ii) the granting of a 1.25% royalty interest by Goldcorp on 25% of gross revenues from payable metal from Cerro Casale and Quebrada Seca, (iii) a contingent payment of $40 million payable after a construction decision at Cerro Casale, and (iv) the transfer to Barrick of a 50% interest in Quebrada Seca for no additional consideration, followed by the joint contribution by Goldcorp and Barrick of 100% of Quebrada Seca to the joint venture;

The acquisition by Goldcorp of Exeter Resource Corporation ("Exeter") (TSX: XRC; NYSE-MKT: XRA; Frankfurt: EXB) and its 100%-owned Caspiche project ("Caspiche") located in the Maricunga Gold Belt in Chile, approximately 10 kilometers to the north of Cerro Casale, for share consideration of approximately $185 million (on a fully diluted basis); and

The contribution of Caspiche into the joint venture with 50% of the acquisition cost, or approximately $85 million, applied to reduce the $260 million deferred payment obligation.

"With the formation of a 50/50 joint venture with Barrick, we envisage jointly advancing the Cerro Casale and Caspiche gold deposits in a similar arrangement to our NuevaUnión project in Chile with Teck Resources" said David Garofalo, President and Chief Executive Officer. "The joint venture with Barrick has the potential to allow us to consolidate infrastructure to reduce capital and operating costs, reduce the environmental footprint and provide increased returns compared to two standalone projects. With our combined technical and financial strength, we see significant potential to advance these projects and increase net asset value per share over time, delivering value for all partners and stakeholders."

Under the terms of the joint venture, Goldcorp is required to spend a minimum of $60 million in the two-year period following closing of the Transaction, and a minimum of $80 million in each successive two-year period until the deferred payment obligation is satisfied. If Goldcorp does not spend the minimum in any two-year period, Goldcorp will instead be required to make a payment to Barrick equal to 50% of the shortfall (with a corresponding reduction in the deferred payment obligation).

About Goldcorp
Goldcorp is a senior gold producer focused on responsible mining practices with safe, low-cost production from a high-quality portfolio of mines.


1 Refer to Barrick and Kinross' websites for further information on the Cerro Casale mineral reserves and mineral resources estimates (figures have been aggregated and rounded):


2 The mineral resource estimate for Caspiche has been derived from Exeter's technical report entitled "Amended NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Caspiche Project" dated December 19, 2014, a copy of which is available on Exeter Resource Corporation's website at (figures have been rounded):

Lynette Gould, Director,
Investor Relations,
(800) 567-6223,
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,;


Christine Marks,
Director, Corporate Communications,
Telephone: (604) 696-3050,
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,


GOLDCORP INC. and Exeter Resource Corporation are pleased to announce that they have entered into a definitive arrangement agreement pursuant to which Goldcorp has agreed to acquire, by way of a plan of arrangement , all of the issued and outstanding shares of Exeter.

The total consideration offered for all of the outstanding shares of Exeter is approximately $247 million (on a fully diluted basis).

Under the Arrangement, each common share of Exeter will be exchanged for 0.12 of a common share of Goldcorp. Based on the closing price of Goldcorp's common shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange on March 27, 2017, the Arrangement values each Exeter share at $2.58. The consideration received by Exeter shareholders represents a premium of 67% based on Goldcorp's and Exeter's closing prices on the Toronto Stock Exchange on March 27, 2017 and a premium of 60% based on Goldcorp's and Exeter's 20-day volume-weighted average share prices on the Toronto Stock Exchange for the period ending March 27, 2017.

The number of Goldcorp shares to be issued under the Arrangement will be approximately 10.6 million based on the issued and outstanding shares of Exeter as of the announcement date, but will be subject to adjustment depending on the number of Exeter options that may be exercised prior to the completion of the Arrangement. As part of the Arrangement, all Exeter stock options that are outstanding will be exercisable for Goldcorp shares based on the share exchange ratio for the remainder of their original term.

Exeter's primary asset is the 100%-owned Caspiche project ("Caspiche") located in the Maricunga mineral belt in Chile, approximately 10 kilometers to the north of the Cerro Casale project. Caspiche is a gold-copper porphyry system with an oxide gold zone on surface and a high-grade gold-copper core, which has the potential to be developed as a high tonnage, long life mining operation. Caspiche has the following mineral resources1:

"The Caspiche project is located in the heart of Chile's northern mining district," said David Garofalo, President and Chief Executive Officer. "With the acquisition of Caspiche and 50% of Cerro Casale, we envisage the two deposits being jointly advanced with Barrick, similar to our existing arrangement with Teck Resources at NuevaUnión. This joint venture structure with Barrick has the potential to allow us to consolidate infrastructure to reduce costs, reduce the environmental footprint and provide increased returns compared to two standalone projects. With our combined technical and financial strength, we see significant potential to increase net asset value per share and deliver value for all partners and stakeholders."

The Arrangement has been unanimously approved by the boards of directors of Goldcorp and Exeter and will be subject to, among other things, the favourable vote of 66 2/3% of the holders of Exeter shares at a special meeting of Exeter shareholders to be held no later than May 31, 2017, receipt of all necessary regulatory and court approvals and the satisfaction of certain other closing conditions customary for a transaction of this nature. The Exeter and Cerro Casale transactions are not conditional on the completion of the other.

The Arrangement Agreement includes customary deal protection provisions. Exeter has agreed not to solicit any alternative transactions and, in certain circumstances, to pay Goldcorp a termination fee equal to $8.65 million in the event that the Arrangement is not completed. Exeter has also provided Goldcorp with certain other customary rights, including a right to match competing offers. Closing of the transaction is expected to occur no later than June 30, 2017.

All of the directors and officers of Exeter, representing approximately 8.4% of Exeter's outstanding shares have entered into voting support arrangements with Goldcorp under which they have agreed to vote in favour of the Arrangement. Scotiabank and Paradigm Capital Inc., have provided opinions to the Exeter Board of Directors and the special committee of independent directors of Exeter, respectively, that as of the date of such opinions and subject to the assumptions, limitations, and qualifications stated in such opinions, the consideration to be received by the Exeter shareholders under the transaction is fair, from a financial point of view, to the Exeter shareholders (other than Goldcorp and its affiliates).

Advisors and Counsel

Goldcorp's financial advisor is TD Securities and its legal advisors are Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP in Canada, Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP in the United States and Cariola Díez Pérez-Cotapos in Chile.

Exeter shareholders and other interested parties are advised to read the materials relating to the proposed transaction that will be filed by Exeter with securities regulatory authorities in Canada when they become available because they will contain important information. Anyone may obtain copies of these documents when available free of charge at the Canadian Securities Administrators' website at and on EDGAR at This announcement is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to purchase, a solicitation of an offer to sell the shares or a solicitation of a proxy.

None of the securities to be issued pursuant to the Arrangement Agreement have been or will be registered under the United State Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "U.S. Securities Act"), or any state securities laws, and any securities issued in the Arrangement are anticipated to be issued in reliance upon available exemptions from such registration requirements pursuant to Section 3(a)(10) of the U.S. Securities Act and applicable exemptions under state securities laws. This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.

The scientific and technical information contained in this news release has been reviewed and approved by Gil Lawson, P.Eng., Vice President of Geology and Mine Planning, Goldcorp, who is a qualified person under National Instrument 43-101 ("NI 43-101").

About Goldcorp

Goldcorp is a senior gold producer focused on responsible mining practices with safe, low-cost production from a high-quality portfolio of mines.

1 The mineral resource estimate for Caspiche has been derived from Exeter's technical report entitled "Amended NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Caspiche Project" dated December 19, 2014, a copy of which is available on Exeter's website at (figures have been rounded):

Kinross Gold Corporation announced that it has agreed to sell its 25% interest in the Cerro Casale project in Chile, and its 100% interest in the Quebrada Seca exploration project located adjacent to Cerro Casale, to Goldcorp Inc. ("Goldcorp") for the following consideration:

  • US$260 million in cash, payable at closing (which includes US$20 million for Quebrada Seca);
  • US$40 million in cash, payable following a construction decision for Cerro Casale;

Assumption by Goldcorp of a US$20 million payment obligation due to Barrick Gold Corporation ("Barrick") under the existing Cerro Casale shareholders agreement, which is payable when commercial production at Cerro Casale commences;

A 1.25% royalty from Goldcorp based on 25% of gross revenues from all metals sold at Cerro Casale and Quebrada Seca, with Kinross foregoing the first US$10 million.

Additionally, on closing Kinross will enter into a water supply agreement with the Cerro Casale joint venture. After certain conditions are met, the agreement will provide Kinross with certain rights to access, up to a fixed amount, water not required by the Cerro Casale joint venture. Kinross expects to use this water for its Chilean assets and would be responsible for the incremental capital costs to accommodate the supply of water to the Company along with its pro rata share of operating and maintenance costs.

Kinross expects to use the proceeds from the sale for its organic development projects and to further strengthen its balance sheet.
The sale is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2017, subject to customary conditions of closing as well as the closing of Goldcorp's acquisition from Barrick of a 25% interest in the Cerro Casale project.

About Kinross Gold Corporation

Kinross is a Canadian-based senior gold mining company with mines and projects in the United States, Brazil, Russia, Mauritania, Chile and Ghana. Our focus is on delivering value based on the core principles of operational excellence, balance sheet strength, disciplined growth and responsible mining. 

Investor Relations Contact
Tom Elliott
Senior Vice-President, Investor Relations and Corporate Development
phone: 416-365-3390
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Media Contact
Louie Diaz
Director, Corporate Communications
phone: 416-369-6469
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Newcrest has partnered with telecommunications and technology company, Telstra, to become the first gold miner in

the southern hemisphere to deliver O3b’s high-speed broadband through its new 100 megabits per second (Mbps) satellite link to the Lihir gold mine in New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea.

The new medium-earth-orbit (MEO) satellite link, which has increased bandwidth to Lihir by over 600 per cent, is the result of a partnership between Newcrest, Telstra and satellite service provider O3b Networks.


“Newcrest is proud to make use of this innovative new service to significantly improve the network experience at Lihir”, said Chief Information Officer, Gavin Wood. “As well as enabling better IT and digital solutions for our operation, the new link will help to make Lihir a better place to work and live for our workforce,” he said.


The Lihir operation was previously subscribed to 6Mbps and 10Mbps geostationary satellite links 36,000 kilometres above the earth’s surface, which didn’t provide the high speed and lower latency Newcrest was looking for at this large site. Previous attempts to address the problem through microwave links and submarine fibre optic cable proved unviable, given Lihir is about 200km from the provincial capital, Kavieng.


“This new satellite link utilises medium-earth-orbit technology, approximately 8,000 kilometres above the earth’s surface and delivers fibre-like bandwidth and speed to remote locations. The speed is similar to that experienced in major centres like Port Moresby,” said Mr Wood.


“Any mining company claiming it wants to be a leader in the application of digital technologies cannot be serious about that without first delivering quality network connections to their sites,” said Mr Wood.

Executive General Manager Cadia and Lihir, Craig Jetson, said that the Lihir workforce and community members were already benefitting from the improved technology.

“This new satellite service has provided us with the opportunity to access technologies that are reliant on high bandwidth platforms. This further streamlines our operations, making us more efficient and cost effective,” said Mr Jetson.

“Under the agreement, Newcrest’s Wide Area Network service will be extended by Telstra via a constellation of MEO satellites. This new satellite service is an exciting addition to Telstra’s world-class network and will see enhanced connectivity delivered to more remote locations around the world,” said Jim Clarke, Telstra’s Director of Global Connectivity and Networks.
“Providing reliable connectivity for remote work sites like mines or oil rigs is no longer a nice to have – it’s operationally essential,” said Steve Collar, CEO of O3b Networks.

More information on how this new satellite service is supporting Newcrest’s digital transformation activities and keeping their employees better connected can be found on the Telstra Exchange:

For further information please contact
Newcrest, Australia
Anna Freeman
Senior Adviser – Media
+61 3 9522 5548
+61 417 033 752
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Michael Zappone
Group Manager, Corporate Media Relations
+61 438 004 959
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Newcrest, Papua New Guinea
Peter Aitsi
PNG Country Manager
+675 321 7711
+675 321 7735
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O3b Networks
Jason Wauer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Peabody Energy has been named coal mining company of the year for 2017 by United Kingdom-based Corporate LiveWire, recognizing the company's excellence in safety performance, environmental stewardship and leadership in advancing technology solutions.

The honors were given by a panel of judges as part of Corporate LiveWire's annual awards program. The inaugural Energy & Mining Awards recognize the "most influential firms and individuals that stand out in their field from all corners of the world." The judges were particularly impressed by "Peabody's emphasis on responsible coal mining and coal use, and its role as a pioneer in sustainability."

"We are pleased to be globally recognized for our sustainable approach to mining, which is core to our mission and values," said Peabody Energy President and Chief Executive Officer Glenn Kellow. "We take great pride in operating safely, restoring high-value lands and being a leading voice for advanced coal technologies."

Peabody's mission and values are foundational tenets to how it operates, and the company demonstrates leadership in sustainable mining, energy access and clean coal solutions – what Peabody calls "Coal Done Right." The core components are embedded in Peabody's culture and outlined in its Investment Principles for Best-in-Class Coal Companies, which can be found within the company's Corporate and Social Responsibility Report.

Safety is Peabody's first value and a leading measure of operational excellence. It requires constant care and vigilance through an extensive safety and health management system, a track record of steady improvement and a vision of zero safety incidents.

In 2016 the company set a new record for safety, with a global incidence rate of 1.22 per 200,000 hours worked, representing a 35 percent improvement over the past five years.

Sustainability is also a core value, and the company maintains immense respect and responsibility for the land and communities where it operates. 

About Peabody

Peabody is the world’s largest private-sector coal company and a Fortune 500 company. The company is also a leading voice in advocating for sustainable mining, energy access and clean coal technologies. Peabody serves metallurgical and thermal coal customers in more than 25 countries on five continents.

Media Contacts
Vic Svec
Senior Vice President - Global Investor and Corporate Relations


Beth Sutton
Vice President - Corporate Communications

Charlene Murdock
Director - Corporate Communications


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PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel has signed an agreement to sell its equity interest in the company, which owns the Legion TI Business Center, to RCP Investments Ltd for the total consideration amount of approximately USD 100 million.                

As part of Nornickel’s non-core assets disposal program, the Company’s Board of Directors approved the transaction on March 30, 2017. The transaction is expected to close by April 10, 2017.Legion TI Business Center is an A-class office complex located on Bolshaya Tatarskaya Street in Moscow. RCP Investments II Ltd is a company owned by UFG Real Estate funds focused on investments in premium class real estate in Russia.

“Exit from non-core assets and focus on the development of Tier-1 assets are the key pillars of the company’s corporate strategy. We are pleased that we have been able to secure this important transaction amid challenging times for the real estate market in Moscow. The proceeds from the transaction will be used for the company’s current projects,” said Elena Kondratova, Vice President of Nornickel.

PJSC «MMC «NORILSK NICKEL» is a diversified mining and metallurgical company, the world's largest producer of refined nickel and palladium and a leading producer of platinum, cobalt, copper and rhodium. The company also produces gold, silver, iridium, selenium, ruthenium and tellurium. The production units of «NORILSK NICKEL» Group include Polar Division, located at the Norilsk Industrial District on Taimyr Peninsula, and Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company located on the Kola Peninsula in Russia as well as Harjavalta nickel refinery in Finland.

PJSC «MMC «NORILSK NICKEL» shares are listed on the Moscow and on the Saint-Petersburg Stock Exchanges. PJSC «MMC «NORILSK NICKEL» ADRs trade over the counter in the US and on the London and Berlin Stock Exchanges.

UFG Real Estate is one of the largest International institutional investors in Russia, focused on conservative yield and high quality commercial projects. An investment term of the funds is 8-10 years. UFG Real Estate is part of UFG Asset Management group, with invests institutional and private capital in Russia and other CIS countries, with aggregate capital commitments exceed $2.3 billion.

Media Relations:
Phone: +7 (495) 785 58 00
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Investor Relations:
Phone: +7 (495) 786 83 20
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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