Kola Mmc Sets Up New Storage Facilities For Inventories In Monchegorsk

Kola MMC has delivered an upgraded central storage facility for inventories with an approximate area of 3,000 m2 at its Monchegorsk site.                              


A hired contractor remodeled the layout of the building, overhauled the flooring, modernized lighting and heating systems.
To improve efficiency of floor space utilization, the on-the-floor storage method was abandoned in favor of shelf storage, which almost doubled the capacity and created approximately 1,500 pallet spaces.


Following the overhaul the storage facility meets the most current logistics standards with highly efficient use of floor space. Receipt and handling of products addressed to various units of Kola MMC is fully automated. Newly-procured stackers move pallets with cargo around the warehouse. The upgrades have reduced handling costs and accelerated the loading/offloading procedures.


Kola MMC has contributed approximately RUB 20 million toward the project. This a third such shelf-storage facility at the procurement shop of Kola MMC. Similar facilities operate in Zapolyarny city and Nikel settlement.

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