CuDeco awards Rocklands copper mining contract to Andy’s Earthmovers

Queensland-based copper producer CuDeco has awarded Andy’s Earthmovers the mining contract to resume Stage 1 of production at Australia's Rocklands Copper Mine.            

Andy’s Earthmovers was given an initial Phase-1, six-month fixed-rate contract for the first part of mining of the Las Minerale Stage-2 Pit.
Phase 1 comprises mining of nearly 1.2Mt of ore and 3.8Mt of waste from the Las Minerale 2 Pit to an RL of 145m, approximately 35m-40m below the current Las Minerale 2 Pit floor.

CuDeco has agreed to provisionally award Phase 2 works to Andy’s Earthmovers. This contract involves mining the remainder of the Las Minerale, Rocklands South, Rocklands South extended and Rainden pits, but is dependent on the performance of Phase 1.

"Phase 1 comprises mining of nearly 1.2Mt of ore and 3.8Mt of waste from the Las Minerale 2 Pit." 
CuDeco will provide all management and technical control of the mining contract.

Mining is expected to start from the middle of the next month.
Under the contract, Andy’s Earthmovers will start mobilisation immediately. It will be responsible to provide a full-service mining model, which will involve performing loading and hauling, drilling and blasting, in-pit dewatering and waste dump rehabilitation services at the project.

It will also be responsible for fleet and road maintenance.
Andy’s Earthmovers has vast experience as a mining contractor. Currently, it is performing work under the life of mine contract, awarded by Hillgrove Resources, at the Kanmantoo Copper Mine in Australia

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